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My name is Deirdre Monique, Founder, CEO and Developer at Mella'Ninn ComPlex. As a Natutalista suffering from asthmas, I found it difficult to find products that did not offset an asthma attack or allergic reaction. In addition to this, being African American I equally found it difficult to find beauty products that suited my skin tone, hair type and overall expectations. I quickly realized the market was slim pickings and wanted to share home made recipes my Mom and Grandmother shared with me. My passion to launch and share my products were derived from two very heartfelt reasons. The 1st being fulfilling a long time wish of my recently deceased Mother who always pushed me to start my own business and share my creative design ideas and input with the world. Feeling I had time to do this later, I put off research and development for many years. After she passed, regretfully I knew I had to put my heart at work and have worked tirelessly researching and developing my line of Organic Products that suit not only women of color, but all sexes and ethnicities. The 2nd reason being, after working as an Executive in the retail industry for many years, I was just frustrated that the selection for women of color was of such slim pickings. Foundations in cosmetics often not in stock or not of the right pigmentation, or not enough shades of brown available. And if it I did find a shade close enough? The Retailers seldom stocked enough of those more sought after shades for me to replenish. Often forcing me to buy multiple shades to mix into one. Serums formulated that did not treat my particular skin type or treat it as needed. Shades of lipstick and eyeshadows often not rich enough to compliment my complexion. Frustrated, I threw myself knee deep in  finding the richest and fullest bodied colors of Micas. Earth rich  minerals drenched in a wide array of colors from warms to cools and the richest neutrals I could find created right from Mother Earth! I cross market searched until I also found the highest quality organic ingredients to produce my natural Haircare, Skincare and Men's Grooming lines as well. Though my mom is no longer here to benefit from her wish of my product development, I know she'd be proud that I'm fulfilling what she sought most...Sharing my creativity with you! 

Carefully selected ingredients make for the perfect aromatic and healing experience!
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Hand Made with love in Small batches!

We do not heat bind our ingredients or use harsh binding chemicals. All product is hand whipped 2-4 times in its natural state with small bits of organic Butters left intentionally to provide the natural benefits of each ingredient at its maximum potency., as well as provide you with an immediate burst of aroma.

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